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Established by the most prolific artists, the Naveen Rajput band is one of the most dignified and promising bands which have always been trying to explain the true power of music.
Being an assembly of famous singers in India, we are one of the best live bands in India. Thereafter, our live music in Delhi has always zoomed into meeting people’s expectations asking for versatility. We are subservient for being the best live performers in India.

Live music in Delhi today has become the very essence of it. Our musical ensemble in the honour of this essence have done live music in Delhi; live music in Hauz khas, live music in Connaught place and the whole melodic Delhi. By doing these live shows and earning people’s warmth have become one of the most worthwhile live bands in Delhi. We have covered all musical genres; Sufi,Rock,Light, Bollywood, Western and much more.
A perfect onset and conclusion of any party; be it a wedding ,a birthday party or any sort of joyful bash isn’t possible without music and our most famous singers in India have always been befitting for every such occasion. Every genre of music has its transcendental beauty. We have always been gratifying to our listeners through our ever so versatile band owning Sufi, Rock and Best punjabi singers in India. Here we are, with our most popular singers in India to outreach  your jolly spirit and to let you be lost in our lyrical reverie. So, let we have the opportunity to bring a delight to the inner abode  of yours by making us performing in your party.